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our main services

We focus mainly on all sorts of body pain that suffer a patient a lot.
The most revolutionary service of our clinic is Pain Free Normal Delivery.

Why Choose Our Hospital

We are highly dedicated to heal the pain of our patient.
Uttara Pain Clinic offers you the best service. We offers diagnostic service and as well as the Hospital Service.

High Technology-Based Diagnosis & Treatment

Our diagnosis system of disease is totally high technology based. As well as we provide the best technology-based treatment that is more effective to heal any disease than the typical treatment system.

We provide the latest technology based diagnostic service such as Digital X-ray, Ultrasonography (2D & 4D), ECG, Echocardiogram etc.

Hygienic & Eco-Friendly Environment

We provide the most hygienic environment with the modern technology to ensure the eco-friendly environment for the patient. Because we know the importance of a hygiene environment for the patients so we care about that.

We focus highly on managing a non-infectious surrounding for all so that people coming with the patient must have a safe environment in our hospital.

Easy Online Service from Home

It is now a matter of a click for you to experience our many services from home. Patients are now able to avail doctor consultation of Uttara Pain Clinic directly through this service being present at local information centers.

Patients can receive consultation, follow up and advices relating medicine, diet and lifestyle by this service.

Multidisciplinary Emergency Support 24/7

Uttara Pain Clinic provides multidisciplinary emergency support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with state-of-the-art facilities and expert trauma team, providing ventilator and life support equipped ambulances, stroke management, life support, cardiac support and trauma life support protocols with emergency and triage beds, and immediate access to diagnostic, medical and surgical specialties.

Highly Proficient & Certified Doctors

Uttara Pain Clinic provides certified doctors who are very proficient in Bangladesh. As we focus on serving you the best treatment in our country, therefore we had chosen the most famous doctors in our country who are adequate expert.

Besides our doctors are very famous in oversea too for their skillful treatment.

Meet with doctors

You will find all the expertise doctors in our clinic.
You can choose your desired doctor from different category here.

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